Heat SeekersX

Heat SeekersX




This variety pack is a perfect fit for heat and spice enthusiasts. We put together our HOTTEST spice blends and sauces for those who like to live on the edge. 


What's Included:

Dragon's Breath- A fiery and zesty blend of garlic and the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion. Sound a bit intimidating? Well at 475X hotter than a jalapeño, we are really starting to feel the burn. Let it flow, breathe, you are doing great. 

Honey Heat-  This insanely addictive spice blend has just the right blend of sweet and heat to really make this an everyday staple. Sprinkle on any slow cook dish or BBQ recipe for a beautiful looking caramelization with a heat profile to take you to flavor enlightenment.

ReaperX Reawakened- Hotter than your typical pepper spray bottle, this Southern Carolina pepper brings the HEAT as a hybrid of a red Habanero strain and the Naja Viper pepper making it the hottest pepper in the world.  

Volcanic Lava Red Rub - Gochugaru” or “Red Chili Flakes” is made by drying Korean Chili Peppers in the sun, taking the seeds out and chopping them into lava-like flakes sprinkling in dishes like Kimchi or even the popular Gochujang sauce. This smoky and fruity blend will have you attain flavor AND heat enlightenment.


 Heat Levels 4 - 5

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