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The elevation of flavor through food can be a life transforming experience, but our Spice Budhha’s don’t believe in fancy sauces and spices just for the sake of it. We believe in using only the highest grade sustainably sourced ingredients from around the globe while NEVER compromising quality or freshness. We think it’s about time someone broke down the barriers that tell us that certain ingredients exist for a certain type of people... That's why we created Spicy Buddha.


Our artisinally crafted hot sauces are fermented in small-batch pepper quantities ensuring maximum FLAVOR from bottle to that bodega egg and cheese. All of our our vegan and gluten-free balanced hot sauces have unique flavor profiles while still bringing the HEAT.
Straight from the Source…

Our spices come from farms, NOT factories and we source from the most passionate and knowledgable spice farmers and foragers around the world. Our spices are always sustainably sourced, NON-GMO all natural with no preservatives ever added. Our peppercorns are straight from Vietnam. Telicherry sourced from a small village in India. Gochugaru from sun-dried Korean chili peppers that will melt your face off. This is what separates Spicy Buddha from the pack.

Whether you are a stay home parent feeding a family of 5 or a 3 Star Michelin Chef cooking in Palm Beach, our spices will elevate any dish to new heights.

Endorphins Delivered
to Your Doorstep.

We are used to the HEAT being based in South Florida. All of our hot sauces and spice blends have been carefully curated by the sage wisdom of our Spice Buddhas. Whether you are looking for a mild and zesty blend or a burn your tongue off sensation – we carefully constructed these Buddha heat levels to navigate your journey to flavor enlightenment.

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